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Epifanes Werdol Red Lead Primer lead 500ml

Modified linseed oil alkyd resin.
As a primer for one-component enamels, it has exceptional rust-resistant properties and acts as a good protection for raw wood.

Do NOT use directly under water. the lead paint painted on the hull of the wooden boat must be sealed with a separate primer layer underneath. 

Caution: High lead content endangers the environment and personal health when sanding. All necessary measures to protect health and the environment must be implemented.

Can be sold exclusively to professionals.

Product safety:
This product is subject to the above warning signs and signal words as well as the following hazard statements: H226, H302, H360Df, H373, H410.


TypeOne-component protective paint based on alkyd resin.
Recommended useSurface painting of bare wooden surfaces in one-component painting systems above the waterline. For outdoor and indoor use. Excellent build and finish.
Package sizes750 ml, 2000 ml
Density1.10 - 1.50 kg / liter (depending on the color)
Solids content55 +/- 2 volumes %
Recommended film thickness

Wet surface - 80 microns 

Dry surface - 45 microns

Werdol Woodprimer is an air-drying product. Avoid too thick a wet film to avoid drying problems.

CoverageApprox. 110 square meters / liter
applicationBrush, roller, conventional air sprayer, HVLP, airless.
Drying times 65F / 65% RHTouch dry - 2 hours tape free - 24 hours 
Dry - 15 hours overcoatable - 24 hours 
Note: Allow 72 hours before final coat.
Spray applicationNormal air: Thin, if necessary, up to 20% Epifanes Spray Thinner for Paint & varnish. Spray viscosity 18 - 22 seconds Din Cup 4, 23 - 28 seconds Zahn Cup 2, 20 - 24 seconds Ford Cup 4.
Terms of useThe temperature should be between 10c and 30c. during use. Air humidity below 85%. Avoid painting too much in wind or sun. Under these conditions, solvent loss occurs rapidly and reduces the flowability. Add thinner to the specified percentage to compensate for faster release of solvents.

Epifanes Red Lead Primer

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