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A one-component air-drying surface for brush filling of small and round objects where levelling by filling knife is not possible e.g. window frames, laths and mouldings. Also suitable for quick filling of wood grain. Do not use for levelling deep irregularities. Stir well prior to use. Ple painted coats should be well cleaned, degreased and sanded, Bare substrates should be primed with the appropriate primer. Recoatable with Epifafanes Woodprimer, Epifanes Metalprimer or with 10% thinned one-component paint as undercoat. If necessary thin with Epifanes Brushthinner for Paint & Varnish. 

Coverage: 750ml is sufficient for 3-4 sq mtrs. 

Overcoat TimeAfter 16 hours at 18°C

Epifanes Mono Fill

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