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Scotch™ Tape 3434 is a light blue coloured smooth creped paper bootline masking tape that can be used for most all boat paint masking operations. 

Features Advantages Benefits 
* Excellent solvent 
* Prevents paint bleed through weight smooth crepe resistance paper backing 
* Good water resistance 
* No need to re-mask after wet sanding 
* Better curve masking 
* Excellent edge tear 
* Prevents tearing in curves or resistance on difficult surfaces 
* Excellent sliver resistance 
* Easy one piece removal 
* Easy hand tear 
* Smoothness 
* Good paint line 
* Excellent instant adhesion 
* Sticks easily resin adhesive 
* Excellent holding power 
The Scotch™ Tape 3434 provides outstanding painting results with common two component paint systems as well as with water based paint systems. This product possesses a temperature resistance of 110 °C and as a consequence will meet all the requirements of every application in a body shop.

3M Scotch 3434 Bootline Tape

SKU: 3M-7895
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