Epifanes Multi Marine Primer


A one-part multi purpose tie-coat or sanding and adhesion primer for above the waterline combining all characteristics of separate substrate primers in one. This primer offers excellent adhesion to wood, fiberglass, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized metal, copper and most other bare or painted substrates. Features include exceptional covering capability, high build, good grain filling and corrosion prevention on steel. If top coated with Epifanes Poly-urethane, allow each coat at least 72 hours (/18°C.) to dry and sand with 180-220.

Fiberglass - hard plastics - steel - wood - aluminium - zinc: bonding and transition primer for interior and exterior use above the waterline. Repair and filling primer on existing one and two-component primers/paints and fully cured, degreased and coarsely sanded epoxy layers. Transition coat between one-component and two-component PU finish and reverse.


Epifanes Wash primer AQ

A water-based adhesion primer providing excellent bond to new aluminium, zinc coated and galvanized steel surfaces, non-ferrous metals, glass and ceramics. For interior and exterior use above and below the waterline. Can be overcoated with all Epifanes one-and two-component products. Apply one thin coat. Avoid curtains. May be used on degreased and sanded existing aluminium prior to coating with Epifanes Multi Marine Primer.

New aluminium: bonding primer on difficult adhering surfaces. For interior and exterior use above and below the waterline. Recoatable with all Epifanes one-and two-component paints. Do not sand Epifanes Wash primer AQ.


Epifanes Undercoat

A one-component primer and undercoat based on a urethane/alkyd resin. For use in a one-component paint system above the waterline. Provides maximum adhesion on previously painted, and well degreased and sanded one component paint systems. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Recoatable with all Epifanes one-component products.

Fiberglass - wood - steel - aluminium:
for use in a one-component paint systems above the waterline in conjunction with the appropriate primer or directly on well degreased and sanded fiberglass. 

Suitable for interior and exterior use.


Epifanes Poly-urethane Primer

A hard two-part semi-gloss poly-urethane undercoat. Provides an extremely smooth, pinhole-free surface prior to top coating with any Epifanes high gloss poly-urethane. Good flowing properties, very quick drying, medium filling and easy sanding. Mixing ratio by weight: 4 parts base component A with 1 part curing agent B. (4 :1). Stir well and allow to activate for 15 minutes before use (at 70°F./20°C.).

Suitable as filling undercoat for interior and exterior on bare fiberglass, on existing polyurethane based finishes or on epoxy based systems above the waterline for fresh and salt water.


Epifanes Interimcoat

A two-component primer and/or intercoat based on an epoxy and vinyl resin with outstanding adhesion properties and durability. Can be recoated with many one and two-component products. Suitable for use above and below the waterline in an epoxy system or directly on bare fiberglass.

Fiberglass: For use above and below the waterline. Bonding primer for all types of antifouling on fiberglass. Finishing bonding coat on epoxy systems. After curing, degrease with Epifanes Spray thinner for Paint & Varnish to remove possible amine blush from the surface. Do not sand this primer.


Epifanes Epoxy Primer

An anti-corrosive primer based on an epoxy resin and zinc phosphate as the anti-rust agent. High build, high filling capacity and easy sanding. For use as a filling primer in a two-component paint system on plywood and fiberglass and as an anti-corrosion primer in a two-component paint system on steel and aluminium. For optimum adhesion always thin first coat on bare plywood and metal by 20-25% and apply by stiff brush.

Fiberglass - steel - wood - aluminium: Bonding and filling primer for interior and exterior use above and below the waterline. Also for maintenance of existing epoxy systems. Recoatable with Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating, Poly-urethane Primer, Interimcoat and Epoxy Filler.


Epifanes Wood primer

A traditional one-component primer based on alkyd resins. For use on bare wood, with good filling, building and covering properties. The appropriate primer for wood in one-component paint systems above the waterline. Recoatable with all Epifanes one-component paints.

Wood: bonding primer on bare wood in a one-component paint system above the waterline.