Epifanes Classic Mahogany Stain

Epifanes Classic Mahogany Stain is a quick drying, impregnating stain formulated specifically for bare mahogany and other marine woods. This stain provides a warm, rich red/brown mahogany colour. Depending on desired degree of intensity, a maximum of 3 coats may be applied on bare wood. Recoatable with all Epifanes one component and two-component varnishes.

Wood: for interior and exterior use on new and existing (mahogany) woodwork above the waterline. It is possible to mix Epifanes Mahogany Stain (10% maximum) with Epifanes one and two-part varnish creating a lightly tinted finish for camouflaging colour differences in an existing system. Shake well prior to use.


Epifanes Bilge Paint

A protecting paint based on modified alkyd resin for use in bilge spaces, engine rooms, etc. where a tough paint system is required. Can be applied over most substrates with one-component primer systems.


Fiberglass - steel - wood - aluminium:
Bilges, chain lockers and other wet areas in conjunction with the appropriate primer system.

Epifanes Easy-Flow

Epifanes Easy-Flow

A multi-purpose additive or stand alone coating based on a selection of natural oils. Suitable for use in one-component conventional and half-synthetic varnishes, paints and primers to optimize impregnation/saturation and preservation of the surface. Flow enhancer under cold or hot working conditions. Stand alone product to prevent rust on steel (penetratesexisting thin layers of rust through to the steel) and as impregnating oil on wood.

Wood - steel: additive for use in one component conventional and half-synthetic varnishes, paints and primers.

Package Size:  500 ml - 1000 ml


Epifanes Non skid Beads


Non skid Beads for addition to Epifanes Mono-urethane or Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating to create a custom made colour in non skid. Stir in gradually, allow 15 minutes and stir once more.


Epifanes Accelerator for Paint and Varnish

A resin based additive for use in traditional one-component, half-synthetic paints and varnishes to speed up the curing process. For interior use, e.g., on chairs, tables, etc., This product can be added up to 50% to Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish for a harder, more scratch-resistant finish. Do not use with Epifanes Mono-urethane and Epifanes Nautiforte.